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mercoledì 17 gennaio 2018


Hello to you all friends, how are you? Have you finished gorging yourself with panettone and various delicacies? Today I want to transport you to a colorful and atypical world, at least for me. For I do not know what specific reason, I decided to make Zaful  purchases preferring, among the various garments, something with an unusual color that I never wear: red!

Adorable this blouse in front of which has a wide red V-neck (as I said) with both sleeves curled. Dress with a straight cut and not a bell like you like me. It is also equipped with a mini strap of the same color that, however, I prefer not to introduce in the outfit, being already a little sturdy build.

The fabric is completely cotton, therefore, it is preferable to wear it in the spring when the days are decidedly warmer.

A beige cardigan long enough and light, the peculiarity of the unique big button on the front makes it very original and fashion, even this garment is ideal for the spring season.

The boundless passion for glasses never ends in both winter and summer! The umpteenth round of online shopping has led me to this choice. The glasses are very light, with the shape of cat eyes as I like them.

I'm wearing them even in these cold days, where here in Italy we are facing a shy sun that will peep out the next season.
For my next purchases on Zaful, I was thinking of buying a dress to match my low-cut shoes with a very casual look. I leave you an overview of those that I have spotted so you can give me some advice in the comments box. Which dress do you like?

Tiny floreal ruffle mini wrap dress
Cami mini summer dress

Open back mini cami dress
As you can see, I'm moving forward and I do not see now that spring arrives to wear these beautiful clothes and accessories. And what are you thinking of buying? Have you already decided? Are you ready to go wild shopping on Zaful?

giovedì 23 novembre 2017

Zaful Thanksgiving shopping tips

I hope you'are anyoying the day in just the right way! And i have got a little something to make it even sweeter. No driving or fifhting of crowds required. On this Zaful thanksgiving day wanted offer you something extra to be thankful for! $ 10 off over $ 60 discounts and free orders with free shipping! You will thus be able to get great discounts and at the same time a nice supply of clothes and clothing for your autumn-winter! Now I will list you all the ways to get free and bonus orders and so give up on your crazy shopping:
Spin to win free order
A free order change will be offered during 2017 Zaful thanksgiving day ! Each Zaful account has a change to spin our wheel of thanksgiving for day. Which you may gain access to FREE ORDER/10 Z POINT/30 Z POINTS/ $3 CASH COUPON/$7 CASH COUPON/15% OFF COUPON/8% OFF COUPON/8% OFF COUPON. Always keep in mind your coupons because they can only be used once within 72 hours of receiving it! Play this chance!
Thank you for choosing Zaful

Zaful  wants to thank all his friends for this special party and that's why he puts on a beautiful gift for everyone! Every new member who joins the big Zaful family will receive $ 300 and deals from $ 0.01! In addition to the new friends, Zaful , he also thought of the old friends who will have the chance to simply win $ 45 by inviting!
$10 OFF $60 + free shipping zone (use code: thanks)

You will not find a single excuse for not making an order at Zaful ! Great discounts and free shipping are waiting for you! And if you can not buy this clothing that you've been looking for this year, there will be another chance! Zaful awaits you with patience!

sabato 11 novembre 2017

The autumn of zaful

Now that autumn has started, it's time to pull out clothers from the closet and begin to think about the clothing, autumn is one of my favorite stegions. Because of the different temperatures, I can get rid of it in terms of fashion. So from the late dress I can knit some hottest head on rainy days. Everything is possibile! In any case, autumn is not lacking in varieties. Honestly said, low shoes, tight jeans, comfortable sweaters, jackets and ponchos are something very cozy, comfortable, chic about me. I was entrusted with ZAFUL

If you are looking for a very fast outfit, just wear a jeans a summer t-shirt with a long- sleeved cotton t-shirt (so as not to forget your beloved summer season). A new companion in my wardrobe is the ZAFUL sweater with the inscription "I'm cat"  and the cute sewn ears that i will surely use very much this season. 

Angular or round, with mirrored or oversize lenses, the selection of spectacles on ZAFUL is huge even in the fall season. My hexagonal sunglasses  may look a bit funny this season or even a pin up trend, but the truth is that thanks to ZAFUL the idea of wearing sunglasses in the fall season is getting stronger. Far from being an accessory more typical of girls, this particular form of glasses has conquered the "street style" and more and more companies are creating their own glasses by designing their own version. With the right eyewear ... even autumn can be in color! 



martedì 17 ottobre 2017


 Ciao a tutte e felice martedi! Sono sicura che l'articolo odierno possa interessare ad un gran numero di amiche. Oggi condivido con voi la mia esperienza su un portale commerciale di nome Zaful

Zaful  sta letteralmente spopolando sul web. Ho letto molte recensioni positive di tantissime blogger che hanno parlato di questo marchio sul loro blog. Recentemente mi sono candidata anche io proponendomi come loro prossima blogger e, con vera sorpresa per me, mi hanno chiesto di creare una sorta di lista dei desideri per mostrare gli articoli che più mi rappresentano. Ho accettato con vero entusiasmo perchè amo la moda e mi piace recensire tali siti web. 



Questo è il loro sito e questa la loro pagina Facebook